Ground to Ground


Sometimes its hard to know how to make a difference, the Coffee you drink can help you make one.

 Every time you have an espresso coffee, about 20 grams of grounds are left over and in most cases are thrown into the bin….. UNTIL NOW

 We at ITSA are now recycling the left over Coffee Grounds from all our Coffees. They will be repackaged and sold for $2 at our participating ITSA Outlets

(All proceeds go to LANDCARE).

You can use the recycled grounds in your gardens  & help stop them from ending up in land fill. Coffee Grounds are relatively high in Nitrogen, an essential nutrient for plant growth.

 When added to your compost, Coffee Grounds will raise those internal temperatures, which speeds up decomposition, and the end result will be beautiful, black, rich compost.

Congratulations, you are making a difference!

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Participating ITSA Outlets

 Wollongong Coffee Corner —Building N

Coming in 2013

 Bega — Building C

Dapto — Building E

Goulburn — Building B

Nowra — Building B

Shellharbour — Building C

West Wollongong — Building F

More info at