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ITSA is happy to start our new coffee loyalty program. No need to search for your coffee card, or hand the wrong coffee card over again. Carry your coffee card with you on your smart phone. Download the eCoffeeCard app and register. When you purchase your next coffee, open your app and scan the QR code that our staff will show you. This program is starting at our Wollongong Campus and will roll out to our other campuses over the next couple of month.

What is eCoffeeCard?

An app which allows you to keep all of your coffee loyalty cards in one convenient location on any supported platform (iPhone, Android and BlackBerry).

What are the benefits?

Losing or having multiple cards in your wallet is now a thing of the past.

…and best of all, it’s free!

What kind of phones are compatible?

iPhone, Android and BlackBerry will be able to use our eCoffeeCard loyalty system. Simply go to your respective app store to download the free app.

How is the purchase verified?

Each cafe is assigned a unique QR code, which is scanned upon each purchase. Each scan acts as a stamp towards your free coffee.

Will my personal information be sold?

No, your data will not be sold. You may from time to time see advertisements throughout the process as this helps us keep the service free to you.

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